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Composer Title Item Category Price

Handel Chorales (4) (Miller) ENS405 Trombone Quartet $12.00

Handel Gigue (Osborne) ENS307 Trombone Trio $8.00

Handel Honor & Arms, from Samson (Ostrander) EM451TN Trombone & Piano $8.00

Handel Largo from Xerxes (DePaolo)
Baroque. Noble & stately 3/4 time work, with a steady pulsing in the bass trombone part. Suitable for processionals and other solemn occassions. Beautiful harmonies and passing tensions. Arranged for the arranger's own wedding ceremony.
LPP010 Trombone Quartet $12.00

Handel Pieces (2) (Maganini) EM060TN Trombone & Piano $6.00

Handel Prelude (Pulis)
ENS201 Trombone Duet $8.00

Handel Sarabande (Pulis) ENS304 Trombone Trio $8.00

Handel Suite of Six Pieces (Ostrander)
Baroque. For TTB or TTT trio. Includes settings of:
•  Total Eclipse, from Samson
•  Ah, Let Me Weep, from Rinaldo
•  Courante, from Suite in Gm
•  My Father, Me Thinks I See!, from Hercules
•  Andante, from Flute Sonata No 9
•  Sound an Alarm, from Judas Maccabaeus
EM245 Trombone Trio $15.00

Hankey Heroic Tale [008.00 or 007.01]
20th Century. An original work in one movement, depicting our hero's trials and tribulations. Requires a strong bass trombone on the 8th part (optionally for tuba). Clefs are TTTTBBBB.
LPP017 Trombone Octet $25.00

Harmon Autumnal Winds NMC021 Trombone Quartet $16.00

Harmon Of Clowns and Dreams... NMC046 Trombone & Piano $12.00

Harmon Sacred Hills NMC106 Trombone & Piano $12.00

Harmon Seas of Sweet Water NMC022 Trombone & Piano $16.00

Harmon Tomorrow River NMC025 Trombone & Piano $12.00

Hartley Canzona (1969)
20th Century/Tonal. One of the earliest modern works specifically written for the trombone choir. The Canzona evokes images of Gabrieli while using a modern, but very tonal harmonic structure. Powerful and succinct, this work makes a good opener. All parts are in the bass clef. Recorded by the Eastman Trombone Choir on their CD Legacy of Emory Remington. All parts in the bass clef.
ENS800 Trombone Octet $15.00

Hartley Celebration 2001 [12 trombones]
21st Century/Tonal. Written in honor of longtime Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra bass trombonist Byron "B.B." McCullough and performed at his memorial service in 2001. The work is a jubilant full choir fanfare somewhat similar in nature to the composer's now classic 1969 composition, Canzona for Trombone Octet (ENS050). For eight tenors (clefs ATTTBBBB) and four basses. Duration: approx 2 minutes.
ENS903 Trombone Choir $20.00

Hartley Concerto for Three Trombones & Band
Commissioned in 1966 by the Clarence, NY Central High School Band, Norbert Buskey, director, together with Ensemble Publications, Inc. Includes full score and complete set of parts for Concert Band. Instrumentation is 3 solo trombones, 3 flutes (1 alternates with piccolo), 2 oboes, 3 Bb clarinets, bass clarinet, contrabass clarinet, 2 bassoons, 2 alto saxes, 1 tenor sax, 3 trumpets, 4 horns, euphoniums, tuba, double bass, tympani, percussion.
ENS032 Trombone Trio & Band $85.00

Hartley Memorial Music [tenor & bass trombone] NMC084 Trombone Duet $10.00

Hauser Homage for Ray ENS450 Trombone Quartet $15.00

Haydn Achieved is the Glorious Work (Miller)
Classical. Extracted from the oratorio "The Creation," this work is one of our most popular trombone quartets. Recorded by the Four of a Kind Trombone Quartet on their CD Four of a Kind on Summit Records. All parts in bass clef.
ENS406 Trombone Quartet $16.00

Haydn Presto (Osborne) ENS323 Trombone Trio $10.00

Haydn Trio, from Baryton Trio 123, Quartet 32 (Delisse) ENS315 Trombone Trio $12.00

Haydn Trio, from Piano Sonata 49, 4tets 63, 37 (Delisse) ENS316 Trombone Trio $10.00

Haydn Trio, from String Quartets 63 & 37 (Delisse) ENS317 Trombone Trio $8.00

Heinick Prelude, Song & Dance NMC018 Trombone Unaccompanied $6.00

Hessen Pavana del Tomaso di Canora ENS503 Trombone Quintet $15.00

Holst Jupiter Chorale, from The Planets (DePaolo)
A mostly straight forward transcription of the stately chorale section from the Jupiter movement of The Planets. In this arrangement, the chorale "ends" with a full cadence, unlike the original where the chorale segues into a scherzo recapitulation. Makes a great processional. This setting was used as the bridal march at the arranger's wedding. Includes an optional repeat and a cut for perfect processional timing. Also known as "Thaxted," and/or the (Methodist) hymn tune 900 "I Vow to Thee My Country", "O God of All Creation" or "O God Beyond all Praising."
ENS435 Trombone Quartet $12.00

Howard & Emerson Hello Ma Baby (Quinn) [w/optional rhythm section]
American ragtime favorite in a straight ahead arrangement with optional rhythm section parts included.
LPP011 Trombone Quartet W/perc $14.00

Huggler Canzona NMC026 Trombone Quartet $10.00

Kahila Andante-Allegro EM371TN Trombone Duet $8.00

Kleinhammer & Yeo Mastering the Trombone [4th edition] ENS123 Trombone Study $25.00

Langer Rising Forth NMC067 Trombone Quartet $10.00

Lassen At Devotions (Ostrander) EM113TN Trombone & Piano $6.00

Lotti Arietta - Pur Dicesti, o Bocca Bella (Smim) EM136TN Trombone & Piano $6.00

Lully Dances for the King EM441TN Trombone & Piano $6.00

Maganini I'll Be Going Home EM091TN Trombone & Piano $8.00

Maganini Song of a Chinese Fisherman EM124TN Trombone & Piano $6.00

Maganini Sonnet EM154 Trombone & Piano $5.00

Mahler Langsam, from Symphony No 3 (DePaolo) ENS809 Trombone Octet $16.00

Mahler Primeval Light, from Symphony No 3 (Maganini) EM178TN Trombone & Piano $6.00

Mahler Solo from Symphony No 3 (Ostrander) EM413 Trombone & Piano $10.00

Mais Scherzo & Mediation EM260TN Trombone Duet $8.00

Marini Canzon (Weiner)
Late Renaissance. One of only a few works of this age expressly composed for trombone ensemble. This completely revised 2006 edition reflects the latest scholarship for this important work. Includes fully realized basso continuo (keyboard) part for authentic performance, plus a short commentary. Clefs are ATTB or TBBB. Score & parts.
ENS444 Trombone Quartet $14.00

Marini Canzona, op 8/3 (1626) (Smith)
Composed in 1626, this is one of only a very original works for trombone ensemble. Edited by Glenn Smith into a modern edition, with all parts in the bass clef. Can be performed by four tenors as well as three tenors and one bass. Our original edition. For four trombones without keyboard.
ENS427 Trombone Quartet $12.00

Massaino Canzon a8 (1608) (Silliman)
Renaissance. One of the earliest pieces written specifically for the trombone choir. Written in the choral style prevalent at the time, the eight independant voices come together only for passing cadences and the end cadence. From the collection "Canzoni per Sonare con ogni sorti di stromenti" published in Venice, 1608. All parts in bass clef.
ENS803 Trombone Octet $15.00

Massenet Herod's Air, from Herodiade EM316TN Trombone & Piano $6.00

Massenet Operatic Scenes (2) (Felix) EM003TN Trombone & Piano $8.00

Massenet Valses des Esprits (Smim) EM446TN Trombone & Piano $6.00

Mendelssohn Holy Is God the Lord (Ostrander) [12 trombones]
Romantic. Transcription of an oratorio from Elijah. In this setting, Mr. Ostrander has divided the trombone choir into separate "orchestra" and "soloist" groupings. Although performable as an octet, this definitely works better with all 12 parts played.
ENS802 Trombone Choir $15.00

Mendelssohn Hunter's Farewell EM138TN4 Trombone Quartet $8.00

Mendelssohn It Is Enough, from Elijah (Ostrander) EM452TN Trombone & Piano $8.00

Morley My Bonnie Lass (Myers) ENS426 Trombone Quartet $12.00

Morley Now Is the Month of Maying (Myers) ENS425 Trombone Quartet $12.00

Mozart Concerto in Bb, K.191 (Ostrander) EM333TN Trombone & Piano $15.00

Mozart Fugue, K.401 (Shumway) ENS421 Trombone Quartet $12.00

Mozart Serenade, from Don Giovanni (Ostrander) EM317TN Trombone & Piano $8.00

Mozart Sonata Allegro (Steiman)
Classical. Extracted from Symphony No 13, this fast 3/4 piece is a challenge for stronger players. Steiman's arrangement is moderately difficult, but highly effective when played well. Clefs are TTBB.
ENS408 Trombone Quartet $15.00

Mozart Suite (Ostrander)
EM308 Trombone Trio $12.00

Mozart Trio, from Quintet No 4 (Delisse) ENS319 Trombone Trio $8.00

Mueller Praeludium, Chorale, Variations & Fugue EM426BT Trombone & Piano $10.00

Mussorgsky Song of the Flea EM106TN Trombone & Piano $5.00

Neff Celebration ENS449 Trombone Quartet $12.00

Neff El Fiesta
Upbeat Spanish Flamenco flavored quartet features a dynamic bass trombone part and authentic rhythms in the quartet as a whole.
ENS448 Trombone Quartet $14.00

Nestico Reflective Mood ENS124 Trombone & Band $75.00

Ostrander Concert Piece in Fugal Style EM129TN Trombone & Piano $10.00

Ostrander On the Fair Grounds EM394TN Trombone & Piano $5.00

Ostrander Sonata in Gm EM126TN Trombone Unaccompanied $8.00

Pederson Blue Topaz ENS702 Trombone Septet $25.00

Pederson Crimson Collop, The [bass trombone duet]
Crafted in classic Tommy Pederson style, Crimson Collop* takes full advantage of the professional bass trombonist's range and skill. Starting with a 3 measure staccato 16th note octave unison, the duet settles into a twisted waltz, then a 2/4 "chase" up and down the range, and finally into a tricky 6/8 march. Fun to play, musically interesting and challenging.
* a Collop is a small slice.
ENS207 Trombone Duet $12.00

Pederson Nabobs Knuckle, The
20th Century. A four-part exercise in ensemble rhythmic accuracy, this work puts all four players through their paces. Though the rhythms are not hard (far from it) the real challenge lies in matching one another and making the overall effect that of oneinstrument, rather than four separate instruments. If your quartet has plateaued or is looking for a challenge, then you should give this one a try.
ENS446 Trombone Quartet $15.00

Ponce Ave, Color Vini Clari (Kelleher) ENS412 Trombone Quartet $12.00

Praetorius Ancient Carols (2) (Myers)
Renaissance. Includes Lo, How a Rose Er Blooming and In Dulci Jubilo. Recorded by the Eastman Trombone Choir.
ENS428 Trombone Quartet $12.00

Premru In Memoriam
Powerful work written for the untimely death of a close friend. Recorded on the CD "Too Scared to Play" by High Anxiety Bones and also "Tritons Journey" by the Triton Trombone Quartet. For quartet or 4-part choir.
ENS429 Trombone Quartet $12.00

Premru Pieces (2)
Modern/Tonal. A popular trio set that involves all three players equally. Includes movements titled "Felicity," an intense largo movement and "Episode," an up-tempo movement with activity in all three parts. All parts in bass clef.
ENS333 Trombone Trio $12.00

Presser Suite with Fanfares ENS052 Trombone Unaccompanied $10.00

Purcell Dido's Lament (Miller) ENS501 Trombone Quintet $12.00

Purcell Fantasias (3) (Miller) ENS314 Trombone Trio $12.00

Purcell Suite in F (Maganini)
Baroque. Four movement work. Includes settings of:
•  Nymphs & Shepherds
•  Aria, from Dido & Aeneas
•  Passing by
•  Country Dance
EM201TN Trombone & Piano $8.00

Purcell Trio Sonata (Osborne) ENS322 Trombone Trio $12.00

Rachmaninoff Vocalise, op 34, no 14 (Maganini) EM399TN Trombone & Piano $6.00

Rachmaninoff Vocalise, op 34, no 14 (Maganini) EM399TN2 Trombone Duet & Piano $8.00

Raphling Lyric Prelude EM288 Trombone & Piano $5.00

Raphling Sonatina EM363TN Trombone Duet $5.00

Ravel Pavane pour une Infante Defunte (Robertson)
ENS601 Trombone Sextet $16.00

Ravel Pavane pour une Infante Defunte (Maganini)
EM053XG Trombone & Piano $8.00

Reicha Allegro Scherzando, from op 82 (Nichols) NMC003 Trombone Trio $6.00

Reicha Fugue, op 82, No 18 (Nichols) NMC002 Trombone Trio $5.00

Reicha Trio, op 82, no 22 (Nichols) NMC004 Trombone Trio $5.00

Reicha Trios (3) from op 82 (Nichols) NMC005 Trombone Trio $5.00

Rosner Sonata in Bb NMC081 Trombone & Piano $20.00

Ross Canzonetta NMC041 Trombone & Piano $15.00

Ross Etudes a Deux NMC039 Trombone Duet $10.00

Ross Rondo Furioso NMC085 Trombone & Piano $10.00

Rossini Lord Preserve Me, from Stabat Mater EM366TN Trombone & Piano $6.00

Saint-Saens Adagio from Symphony No 3 (Murley)
Romantic period. Popular adagio section from the Organ Symphony, here rendered for trombone quartet. Playable by groups of all skill levels. Recorded by the Eastman Trombone Quartet on their CD, Legacy of Emory Remington. Clefs are TTBB or BBBB.
ENS407 Trombone Quartet $14.00

Saint-Saens Romance, op 36 (Smim) EM379TN Trombone & Piano $8.00

Satie Suite from Gymnopedies 1, 2 & 3 (Welts) NMC019 Trombone Quartet $8.00

Scharnberg No Risk = No Reward ENS510 Trombone Quintet $20.00

Scheidt Gibt Uns Heut Unser Taglich Brodt (Fetter)
Trombone trio. Also appropriate for euphonium trio (EEE) or tuba-euphonium trio (EET).
ENS327 Trombone Trio $8.00

Schubert Love's Longing (Smith) ENS505 Trombone Quintet $15.00

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