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Aharoni Funfare NM01788 Trombone Trio $6.50

Albam Geological Survey
20th Century. Jazz. Composed for Emory Remington and the Eastman Trombone Choir in the 1960's, this work uses stylistic elements from the rock and jazz idioms, elements that were not typically found in the traditional "legit" music of the time. Remington embraced the work in accordance with his belief that his students should be capable of meeting every type of performance demand. This work was recorded by the Eastman Trombone Choir on their landmark 1971 LP, The Eastman Trombone Choir, and later re-released on the 1996 CD The Legacy of Emory Remington and the Eastman Trombone Choir. The performance is directed by Rayburn Wright, then director of Jazz Studies at the Eastman School.

As the title suggests, this work is an exploration of some of the sounds that were emerging in rock music. Having more of a Funk character, no one will ever confuse this work with anything from Buddy Holly or The Beatles. The funk and fusion sounds of Chicago or Earth, Wind & Fire might make a better comparison. The elements are similar, including (especially) rhythms, open "power chord" harmonies and an agressive tempo.

Geological Survey is set for twelve trombones in three separate TTTB choirs. Straight mutes are required.


ENS905 Trombone Choir $36.00

Anonymous Sonata Trombono Solo e Basso (Weiner)
One of only two seventeenth century solo sonatas for the trombone, this work has been published twice in recent years (1978 and again in 1999 as the "Saint Thomas Sonata"). This urtext edition corrects the errors present in these earlier editions, at the same time offering suggestions for apparent errors in the original manuscript. Includes solo parts in alto and tenor clef, plus critical commentary.
ENS082 Trombone & Piano $12.00

Appert Lamentation NMC023 Trombone Quintet $15.00

Appert Threnody NMC083 Trombone Quintet $15.00

Bach Air from Suite No 3 (McCarty)
Baroque. Bach's popular Air on the G String here arranged for quartet. The bass trombone performs the moving bass line while the three tenors realize the upper string parts.
ENS404 Trombone Quartet $12.00

Bach Arioso from Cantata 156 (McCarty)
Baroque. Well known tune is here presented in a melody-accompaniment type arrangement. Though the first part largely carries the melody, the other parts, especially the tenors, have interesting and varied lines of their own. Clefs are TBBB.
ENS403 Trombone Quartet $12.00

Bach Chorales (22) (Fetter)
Baroque. A collection of 22 standard chorales as harmonized by J.S. Bach. Includes Christ lag in Totenbanden, Jesu Meine Freude, Gelobet seist du Jesu Christ and others. Score and four separate parts. Clefs are TBBB.
ENS415 Trombone Quartet $16.00

Bach Chorales (24) - Complete (Miller)
Baroque. Set of 24 4-part chorales arranged for three trombones. Complete in one volume. Replaces two previously issued sets of 12 chorales each (ENS302 and ENS303). Includes a set of three individual parts & separate score. Trombone trio. Also appropriate for euphonium trio (EEE) or tuba-euphonium trio (EET).
ENS339 Trombone Trio $12.00

Bach Contrapunctus 10 Variant (Kelleher)
Baroque period. Formerly titled "Contrapunctus 14," this work is actually a variant of Contrapunctus 10 and now carries the title "Contrpunctus 10 Variant." It is definitely not number 14, well known as the final, unfinished Contrapunctus of the "Art of the Fugue." This work has obtained the number "14" most likely as a publication error made sometime after Bach's death. We know an early keyboard edition, edited by Carl Czerny (1791-1857) included this Contrapunctus 10 Variation as "Contrapunctus 14." This error was propogated in the titling of this edition. Regardless of its pedigree, this work is solid and substantial, and as a variant of 10, employs all the features of the other fugues of the collection. All of the Contrapuncti were originally written in 4-part SATB open score form, and are now believed to have been intended for performance on the harpsichord. This transcription is in the original key of Dm.
ENS413 Trombone Quartet $14.00

Bach Fugue 5 from the Well Tempered Clavier (Fetter) ENS418 Trombone Quartet $5.00

Bach Fugue in Cm, BWV 537 (Wilcox)
Veteran arranger Norm Wilcox sets one of his favorite fugues for trombone quartet. The C minor fugue is especially well suited for brass in that it has a somewhat compact range and is linear in nature. Also available for brass quintet (ENS073) and trombone quintet (ENS506).
ENS434 Trombone Quartet $14.00

Bach Fugue in Cm, BWV 537 (Wilcox)
Veteran arranger Norm Wilcox sets one of his favorite fugues for trombone quintet. The C minor fugue is especially well suited for brass in that it has a somewhat compact range and is linear in nature. Also available for brass quintet (ENS073) and trombone quartet (ENS434).
ENS506 Trombone Quintet $15.00

Bach Fugue in Dm (Myers)
The D minor Fugue, from the Toccata in Dm, is one of the first transcriptions of any fugue for trombone quartet. This arrangement is a setting of the third (Allegro) movement of the Toccata in Dm, BWV 913 (originally for keyboard). Richard Myer's setting is well suited to this ensemble. it has been recorded by the Four of a Kind Quartet on the Summit Records CD of the same name.
ENS423 Trombone Quartet $15.00

Bach Fugue in G, from Toccata in G (Myers)
ENS301 Trombone Trio $10.00

Bach Guide to the Cello Suites - CD ONLY (Lusk) ENS066CD Trombone Composer Folio $10.00

Bach Guide to the Cello Suites, w/CD (Lusk)
Full title is "The Trombonist's Guide to the Cello Suites of J.S. Bach." Written specifically for trombonists, this edition of the cello suites is divided into several parts. The first part is a discussion of the suites and how a trombonist might approach them. This part includes some basic exercises in this regard, as well as a discogrpahy of notable cello recordings. The next section is a transcription of Suite No 2, edited for breathing and double stops. The third part is the largest - a complete set of all six suites in a clean, unedited format, allowing the trombonist to make their own choices. The fourth part is a CD recording of Mr. Lusk performing Suites 2 and 4 in the entirety, plus all the musical examples from the text.
ENS066 Trombone Composer Folio $24.95

Bach Jesu, Meine Freude (Halverson) ENS502 Trombone Quintet $15.00

Bach O Sacred Head Now Wounded (Hanson)
Bach's Passion Chorale set in two versions, typically performed as a pair. Recorded by the Eastman Trombone Choir.
ENS414 Trombone Quartet $12.00

Bach Passacaglia in Cm, BWV 582 (Hunsberger)
Opening Passacaglia portion of the famous Passacaglia & Fugue in C minor, BWV 582 originally for organ. For eight trombones in one choir. Upper parts alternate between bass and tenor clefs. Requires strong ensemble skills. One of the most popular trombone octets ever published. Recorded by the Eastman Trombone Choir on their 1971 LP and re-released as The Legacy of Emory Remington on CD.
ENS801 Trombone Octet $20.00

Bach Polonaise (Pulis) ENS411 Trombone Quartet $12.00

Bach Polonaise (Pulis) ENS312 Trombone Trio $8.00

Bach Prelude & Fugue No 16 from WTC (Miller) ENS420 Trombone Quartet $12.00

Bach Sarabande, from English Suite No 5 (Kelleher) ENS320 Trombone Trio $10.00

Bach Short Pieces (3) (Fetter) ENS419 Trombone Quartet $12.00

Bach Two-Part Inventions (12)/ARCHIVAL COPY (Miller)
Contains 12 of the 15 2-Part Inventions, missing are numbers 10, 12 and 13. Uses tenor clef for the 1st part and bass for the second. Parts align with right and left hands in the original piano score. Keys are not changed, and octaves are generally the same throughout. In score form.
ENS202 Trombone Duet $12.00

Bach Two-Part Inventions (15) (Miller et al)
Revised and expanded version of our popular "Twelve Two Part Inventions" (ENS202) originally published in 1965. This new edition includes everything found in the original, plus the three missing inventions. Also, the layout of each has been expanded from one page to two. Many of Bach's original ornaments have been added, and a guide to their proper use is included. Uses tenor clef for the first part and bass for the second part. Suitable for for two tenors or tenor & bass trombones. All inventions are in the original keys. Replaces our old catalog number ENS202.


ENS205 Trombone Duet $16.00

Barber Adagio, op 11 (DePaolo)
20th Century/Tonal. This arrangement of the Adagio for Strings takes advantage of the singing quality of the trombone, as well as its range and tessitura characteristics. Arranged for alto (or tenor), 5 tenors and 2 basses. Tenor parts all have some tenor clef along with bass clef.
ENS804 Trombone Octet $25.00

Barsom Children of Jericho [12 trombones & bass drum]
A monumental work for eight tenors, three basses, one alto trombone and bass drum. For trombone duodectet or 12 part ensemble. Premiered by the Eastman Trombone Choir at the 1995 Eastern Trombone Workshop, and a winner of the Ostrander Composition Prize. Involves standard and aleatoric writing, along with conventional and extended performance techniques.
LPP018 Trombone Choir $40.00

Bavicchi Preludes, op 21 ENS019 Trombone Unaccompanied $5.00

Beethoven Drei Equali
Romantic period. Beethoven's only original work for trombone ensemble. Published one step below the original keys (first movement in C minor). All parts in bass clef. Optional tenor clef part included for 1st trombone (i.e. BBBB or TBBB). Score & parts.
ENS401 Trombone Quartet $14.00

Beethoven Trio, from Trio op 9, Quartet op 4 (Delisse)
Adapted and arranged from the String Trio, op 9 and String Quintet, op 4. All three parts use both bass and tenor clef.
ENS318 Trombone Trio $12.00

Blank Diptych (with Refrain) NMC072 Trombone Octet $25.00

Blank Little Suite NMC076 Trombone Trio $10.00

Blank Savage's Fanfare & Dirge [TTTB] NMC009 Trombone Quartet $8.00

Blazhevich Low Range Studies (Vernon)
Low Range Studies for Trombone is a subset of etudes from the famous School for Trombone in Clefs (aka "Clef Studies"). They have been selected, transposed, edited and annotated by Chicago Symphony Orchestra bass trombonist Charles Vernon. Mr. Vernon has selected 60 of his favorite studies to help tenor trombonists with low range development, and to provide bass trombone players with some extra "bread and butter range" etudes.

Mr. Vernon believes it is important for tenor trombonists to maintain this vulnerable register on a daily basis. Second trombone and bass trombone players constantly play in this register in ensembles. Tenor trombonists who don't work in the middle/low register will have many difficulties playing these studies. This register is a primary building block to producing a free, open and easy sound over the entire range of the instrument. 59 pages. UPC: 659550951043.

EWM103 Trombone Study $24.95

Blazhevich School for Trombone in Clefs (Kharlamov/Deryugin/Stare)
The School for Trombone in Clefs (a.k.a. "Clef Studies") is now available in a newly revised urtext edition. The School for Clefs first appeared in 1925. A later edition appeared in 1939 that represented the full maturation of the composer's ideas. Today's new "original authentic" edition is based on that final 1939 Russian publication. It corrects errors and omissions found in previous editions which had been based on the 1925 version. It also removes all non authentic editorial content such as dynamics, articulations and tempo indications, and the original Forward by Blazhevich has been restored. Thus, in this edition, the music and text are returned to their authentic state, exactly as Blazhevich intended. As an added feature, each section of the book and many of the individual studies have been annotatated by Ward Stare, principal trombonist of the Lyric Opera of Chicago. BONUS: Alto Studies: Also included as a bonus in this new edition are the Alto Studies, previously unpublished and available here for the first time. Covering 50 pages, these 41 fully developed studies help the trombonist not only gain basic ability in alto clef, but also obtain technical proficiency to full mastery. Appropriate for either alto or tenor trombone. 161 pages total.
EWM101 Trombone Study $29.95

Blazhevich Sequences (Mulcahy/Kharlamov/Deryugi)
First published in 1925, this newly engraved 2008 volume is a faithful rendering of the original work, with no additional editorial marks with the exception of error corrections (these are clearly indicated in grayscale). Annotated by Chicago Symphony Orchestra trombonist Michael Mulcahy, this volume is highly useful for the study of rhythmic accuracy, articulation, clefs and of course, musicality. Edition by Andrey Kharlamov, Michael Deryugin and Michael Mulcahy. 55 pages. "The repetitive nature of these studies offers a particularly valuable opportunity for the fortification of the accuracy that is required at orchestral auditions. Although six of these sequences are lyrical in nature, the emphasis is very much on articulation, passagework and agility. To that extent, Blazhevich's focus in these studies is considerably more systematically technical than his more famous School in Clefs. Rhythm is the likely culprit for the most common carelessness on our instrument. Perhaps our repertoire features less rhythmic intricacy than the repertoire of the violin or piano, but that is no excuse for a lack of accuracy. When Blazhevich began the composition of these Sequences for Trombone, he had been solo trombonist of the Bolshoi for 14 years. I theorize that these etudes are his specific response to the consistency required of the professional trombonist and an excellent preparation for the successful realization of an orchestral audition. --Michael Mulcahy. NOTE: This 26 Sequences is the official replacement for the various "Sequences" books and variants previously published by International Music, Accura and others.
EWM102 Trombone Study $24.95

Bruckner Adagio from Symphony No 7 (Friedman) ENS430 Trombone Quartet $12.00

Bruckner Aequale No 1
Romantic. Original work for trombone trio. Also appropriate for euphonium trio (EEE) or tuba-euphonium trio (EET).
ENS332 Trombone Trio $8.00

Busnois Chansons (3) (Nichols) NMC006 Trombone Trio $8.00

Chase Oneita [10 trombones]
20th Century (1973). Winner of the first International Trombone Association Composition prize.
ENS059 Trombone Choir $25.00

Chase Passacaglia [10 trombones]
20th Century/Tonal. A modern interpretation of a 17th and 18th century form that features variations over a ground bass.
ENS055 Trombone Choir $25.00

Coleman Abschiedslied
An involved, complex tonal work set in one movement for either trombone sextet (4 tenors and 2 basses) or choir. Proceeding at an Andante tempo, the texture is made interesting with constant rhythmic motion, with many pyramid type effects. Strong ensemble skills required. Duration: approx 7 to 8 minutes.
NMC102 Trombone Sextet $18.00

Coleman Reflections
Set in a single Adagio movement and chorale-like throughout, with a middle section slightly more rhythmically active. Written for the Interlochen Arts Academy Trombone Choir. For 3 tenors and 2 basses, with an optional tenor clef part for trombone 1. Duration: approx. 4.5 to 5 minutes.
NMC101 Trombone Quintet $15.00

Concone Legato Studies (40) (Miller)
A popular alternative to the Bordogni/Rochut Melodious Etudes. These 40 vocalise transcriptions are good for development of lyrical style as well as rhythm and technique. Set in bass clef.
ENS054 Trombone Study $14.95

Corelli Trio Sonata, op 1/10 (Osborne) ENS309 Trombone Trio $8.00

Corelli Trio Sonata, op 1/11 (Osborne) ENS310 Trombone Trio $8.00

Corelli Trio Sonata, op 1/5 (Osborne)
A four movement work for players. Clefs are TTB. Bottom part can readily be performed on a tenor trombone, with or without F attachment.
ENS308 Trombone Trio $12.00

Corelli Trio Sonata, op 3/2 (Myers) ENS330 Trombone Trio $10.00

Cornette Trio No 1 ENS324 Trombone Trio $12.00

Cornette Trio No 2 ENS325 Trombone Trio $12.00

Cornette Trio No 3 ENS326 Trombone Trio $12.00

Debussy Girl with the Flaxen Hair (Saunders) [alto, tenor or bass]
20th Century. Popular piano work transcribed for solo trombone. Set in the original key. Includes two separate solo parts for alto/tenor and bass trombone.
ENS069 Trombone & Piano $12.00

DiLasso Adoramus Te, Christe (Miller)
Trombone trio. Also appropriate for euphonium trio (EEE) or tuba-euphonium trio (EET).
ENS306 Trombone Trio $10.00

Dufay Gloria (Kelleher) ENS422 Trombone Quartet $12.00

Edwards Introductory Studies in Tenor/Alto Clef
Subtitled "Before Blazhevich," this book uses a mixture of exercises and short etudes to help teach tenor and alto clef quickly and effectively. Using a system of "guidepost notes," students learn a few easily recognizable pitches and then progress smoothly to more challenging material. The first main section of the book focuses on tenor clef (75 exercises); the second on alto clef (36 exercises). Six final etudes use all three clefs. Special sections are devoted to the skills of reading B-flat treble clef and bass clef transposed as tenor clef down an octave. Unlike other popular methods, these original exercises and etudes avoid rote learning and "playing by ear." Most of the etudes include pedagogical commentary and also serve as good musical character studies. Melodies sometimes take unexpected turns to keep students on their toes. Can also be used as sight-reading practice for more advanced students. 56 pages.

"I plan on making this book my primary method for the teaching of tenor and alto clef. What I like most is Brad's use of a "Guidepost" system that most of my students will understand and remember. Other great aspects of the book are the pacing (it progresses quite nicely), the written commentary, and the use of new unfamiliar melodies. Congratulations on adding a new and relevant book to the resources for trombone."
—Keith Jackson, Professor of Low Brass, West Virginia University

"Great book, well organized. A very interesting and useful step by step method to learning clefs. Particularly useful is Brad's idea of guidepost notes. Highly recommended!"
—Don Lucas, Boston University

ENS074 Trombone Study $15.00

Edwards Lip Slurs-Exercises for Tone & Technique
Lip Slurs is an 84-page comprehensive supplement for any trombone (or euphonium) player wishing to build technique and improve tone quality. The difficulty ranges from basic to virtuoso. It includes three main sections:
1. Slow Slurs - To build tone, improve range and develop control;
2. Fast Slurs - To build facility throughout the range of the instrument;
3. Lip Slur Melodies - Etudes reminiscent of the Bordogni vocalizes with an interesting twist: all the legato phrases can be played completely with natural lip slurs.

This is the bible of lip slurs. If you ever get bored of your routine, simply get a copy of Brad Edwards' Lip Slur Book and these exercises will last you a lifetime. I have always said that it essential to visit lip slurs every day you pick up the horn. This is the perfect book to keep you going.
—Joe Alessi, Principal Trombone, New York Philharmonic

In his book "Lip Slurs," Brad Edwards has taken an important part of the trombone player's daily routine and added clarity to it. His approach is sensible, the exercises are comprehensive and the result is undeniably positive. Kudos to Brad Edwards for this excellent addition to the trombone repertoire; he has brought the concept of the lip slur forward to the post-modern trombonist who may have mistakenly thought that he already understood the subject well enough.
—Douglas Yeo, Bass Trombonist, Boston Symphony Orchestra

"I think it is the best comprehensive lip slur book I have ever used. I would recommend this book for all levels beginning through professional and tenor through bass, just great!"
—Don Lucas, Boston University

I've been making my way through your Lip Slurs book, and I'm really excited about it. You have hit the nail on the head with this approach, and I think it will become a staple in the etude repertoire. Every chance I get, I've been telling trombone players to watch for its publication. You should consider putting it in treble clef and selling it for trumpet and horn players. Consider how many books we play on trombone that were originally for trumpet or horn.
—Milt Stevens, late Principal Trombonist, National Symphony Orchestra

ENS111 Trombone Study $18.00

Faure Libera Me (Aharoni) NM01888 Trombone Octet $12.50

Faure Pavane, op 50 (Bollinger)
Faure's popular Pavane here transcribed for six tenors and two basses (or alto, five tenors & two basses). All tenor parts are in tenor clef. Requires a strong first player as the range reaches high F#.
ENS805 Trombone Octet $25.00

Frackenpohl Quartet ENS433 Trombone Quartet $18.00

Francisque Suite from Tresor d'Orphee (Raph) ENS424 Trombone Quartet $12.00

Franck Panis Angelicus (DePaolo) LPP015 Trombone Quartet $10.00

Franck Panis Angelicus [w/alto vocalist] (DePaolo) LPP015A Trombone Quartet $8.00

Frazeur Divertimento ENS040 Trombone & Piano $12.00

Frescobaldi Canzona I (Fetter) ENS328 Trombone Trio $10.00

Frescobaldi Canzona II (Fetter) ENS329 Trombone Trio $8.00

Gabrieli, A Ricercar del Duodecimo Tuono (Friedman)
Late Renaissance. Written in an imitative style "on the 1th Tone." Appropriate for concert or church performance.
ENS431 Trombone Quartet $12.00

Grieg Funeral March (Rose)
Written for the funeral of a close friend, this work became popular in the brass community partly due to recordings made by the Philip Jones Brass Ensemble. Here, Don Rose has carefully captured the essence of those performances in this edition.


ENS508 Trombone Quintet $16.00

Handel Arioso (Pulis)
ENS305 Trombone Trio $10.00

Handel Bouree (Pulis) ENS313 Trombone Trio $8.00

Handel Chorales (4) (Miller) ENS405 Trombone Quartet $12.00

Handel Gigue (Osborne) ENS307 Trombone Trio $8.00

Handel Largo from Xerxes (DePaolo)
Baroque. Noble & stately 3/4 time work, with a steady pulsing in the bass trombone part. Suitable for processionals and other solemn occassions. Beautiful harmonies and passing tensions. Arranged for the arranger's own wedding ceremony.
LPP010 Trombone Quartet $12.00

Handel Prelude (Pulis)
ENS201 Trombone Duet $8.00

Handel Sarabande (Pulis)
ENS304 Trombone Trio $8.00

Hankey Heroic Tale [008.00 or 007.01]
20th Century. An original work in one movement, depicting our hero's trials and tribulations. Requires a strong bass trombone on the 8th part (optionally for tuba). Clefs are TTTTBBBB.
LPP017 Trombone Octet $25.00

Harmon Autumnal Winds NMC021 Trombone Quartet $16.00

Harmon Of Clowns and Dreams...
NMC046 Trombone & Piano $12.00

Harmon Sacred Hills NMC106 Trombone & Piano $12.00

Harmon Seas of Sweet Water NMC022 Trombone & Piano $16.00

Harmon Tomorrow River NMC025 Trombone & Piano $12.00

Hartley Canzona (1969)
20th Century/Tonal. One of the earliest modern works specifically written for the trombone choir. The Canzona evokes images of Gabrieli while using a modern, but very tonal harmonic structure. Powerful and succinct, this work makes a good opener. All parts are in the bass clef. Recorded by the Eastman Trombone Choir on their CD Legacy of Emory Remington. All parts in the bass clef.
ENS800 Trombone Octet $15.00

Hartley Celebration 2001 [12 trombones]
21st Century/Tonal. Written in honor of longtime Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra bass trombonist Byron "B.B." McCullough and performed at his memorial service in 2001. The work is a jubilant full choir fanfare somewhat similar in nature to the composer's now classic 1969 composition, Canzona for Trombone Octet (ENS050). For eight tenors (clefs ATTTBBBB) and four basses. Duration: approx 2 minutes.
ENS903 Trombone Choir $20.00

Hartley Concerto for Three Trombones & Band
Commissioned in 1966 by the Clarence, NY Central High School Band, Norbert Buskey, director, together with Ensemble Publications, Inc. Includes full score and complete set of parts for Concert Band. Instrumentation is 3 solo trombones, 3 flutes (1 alternates with piccolo), 2 oboes, 3 Bb clarinets, bass clarinet, contrabass clarinet, 2 bassoons, 2 alto saxes, 1 tenor sax, 3 trumpets, 4 horns, euphoniums, tuba, double bass, tympani, percussion.
ENS032 Trombone Trio & Band $85.00

Hartley Memorial Music [tenor & bass trombone] NMC084 Trombone Duet $10.00

Haydn Achieved is the Glorious Work (Miller)
Classical. Extracted from the oratorio "The Creation," this work is one of our most popular trombone quartets. Recorded by the Four of a Kind Trombone Quartet on their CD Four of a Kind on Summit Records. All parts in bass clef.
ENS406 Trombone Quartet $16.00

Haydn Presto (Osborne) ENS323 Trombone Trio $10.00

Haydn Trio, from Baryton Trio 123, Quartet 32 (Delisse) ENS315 Trombone Trio $12.00

Haydn Trio, from Piano Sonata 49, 4tets 63, 37 (Delisse)
Classical. Three movement suite of movements extracted and transcribed from various other compositions by Haydn. Includes:
•  Allegro, from Piano Sonata No 49
•  Andante Grazioso, from String Quartet No 73
•  Menuet, from String Quartet No 63
ENS316 Trombone Trio $10.00

Haydn Trio, from String Quartets 63 & 37 (Delisse) ENS317 Trombone Trio $8.00

Heinick Prelude, Song & Dance NMC018 Trombone Unaccompanied $6.00

Hessen Pavana del Tomaso di Canora ENS503 Trombone Quintet $15.00

Holst Jupiter Chorale, from The Planets (DePaolo)
A straight forward transcription of the stately chorale section from the Jupiter movement of The Planets. In this arrangement, the chorale "ends" with a full cadence, unlike the original where the chorale segues into a scherzo recapitulation. Makes a great processional. This setting was used as the bridal march at the arranger's wedding. Includes an optional repeat and a cut for perfect processional timing. Also known as the (Methodist) hymn tune 900 "I Vow to Thee My Country", "O God of All Creation" or "O God Beyond all Praising."
ENS435 Trombone Quartet $12.00

Howard & Emerson Hello Ma Baby (Quinn) [w/optional rhythm section]
American ragtime favorite in a straight ahead arrangement with optional rhythm section parts included.
LPP011 Trombone Quartet W/perc $12.00

Huggler Canzona NMC026 Trombone Quartet $10.00

Kleinhammer & Yeo Mastering the Trombone [4th edition]
Textbook. Written by Edward Kleinhammer in collaboration with his former student, Douglas Yeo, Mastering the Trombone represents Edward Kleinhammer's most recent thinking regarding the essential elements of trombone playing. His clear, step-by-step, common-sense approach to the fundamentals of performance cover every aspect of playing including rhythm, legato, buzzing, tone quality, breath control, a daily routine, preparations for taking auditions and much more. All trombonists, from the beginning student to the most seasonsed professional and including both tenor and bass trombonists, will appreciate the over 100 musical examples and exercises that systematically guide players through the skills required in the process of Mastering the Trombone. 76 pages with illustrations, exercises and examples. UPC: 659550012300
ENS123 Trombone Study $25.00

Langer Rising Forth NMC067 Trombone Quartet $10.00

Mahler Langsam, from Symphony No 3 (DePaolo)
Romantic. Excerpted from the third symphony, this transcription is of the opening section of the sixth movement, subtitled "What Love Tells Me." This gorgeous chorale builds to a powerful climax and then dissipates to a pianissimo e niente. For six tenors and two basses (or eight part choir). Clefs are TTBBBBBB.

(PDF - 489Kb)

ENS809 Trombone Octet $16.00

Marini Canzon (Weiner)
Late Renaissance. One of only a few works of this age expressly composed for trombone ensemble. This completely revised 2006 edition reflects the latest scholarship for this important work. Includes fully realized basso continuo (keyboard) part for authentic performance, plus a short commentary. Clefs are ATTB or TBBB. Score & parts.
ENS444 Trombone Quartet $14.00

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