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Note: Collections with multiple composers are listed under "Various."

Composer Title Item Category Price

Appert Lamentation NMC023 Trombone Quintet $15.00

Appert Threnody NMC083 Trombone Quintet $15.00

Bach O Jesus Christ, meins Lebens Licht/PARTS [123, 222, 221.01 w/SATB] NMC001B Brass Sextet W/choir $12.00

Bach O Jesus Christ, meins Lebens Licht/SCORE [123, 222, 221.01 w/SATB] NMC001A Brass Sextet W/choir $5.00

Beiderbecke In a Mist (Welts) [trumpet or trombone] NMC048 Trumpet & Piano $10.00

Beiderbecke In the Dark (Welts) [trumpet or trombone] NMC049 Trumpet & Piano $12.00

Blank Brass Trio [111.00] NMC029 Brass Trio $14.00

Blank Diptych (with Refrain) NMC072 Trombone Octet $25.00

Blank Fanfare [trumpets in C]
20th Century.
NMC010 Brass Quintet $12.00

Blank Five Lines NMC034 Horn Unaccompanied $6.00

Blank Little Suite NMC076 Trombone Trio $10.00

Blank Music for Brass & Percussion [343.01 & tympani, 5 perc]
For 343.01 brass and percussion. Percussion consists of tympani, roto-toms, snare drum, tenor drum, bass drum, crash cymbals, suspended cymbal, tam-tam, 5 temple blocks and xylophone. 5 percussionists required.
NMC011 Brass Choir & Percussion $25.00

Blank Savage's Fanfare & Dirge [TTTB] NMC009 Trombone Quartet $8.00

Borishansky Intensity Three NMC032 Trumpet Unaccompanied $8.00

Burwasser Duo for Horn & Cello (1985) NMC098 Mixed Chamber, 2 Parts $25.00

Burwasser Grooves & Riffs NMC108 Brass Duo W/percussion $18.00

Burwasser Mood Swing [w/optional drum set]
Jazz. Big band swing style. With optional drum set. Can be opened up for solos.

(PDF 488k)

NMC068 Brass Quintet $16.00

Burwasser Passages NMC065 Horn Quartet $12.00

Busnois Chansons (3) (Nichols) NMC006 Trombone Trio $8.00

Caviani Point of Departure NMC055 Trumpet Octet $20.00

Caviani Toccata [111.00 w/piano] NMC030 Brass Trio $14.00

Chandler Pieces (4) NMC015 Trumpet & Marimba $18.00

Coleman Abschiedslied
An involved, complex tonal work set in one movement for either trombone sextet (4 tenors and 2 basses) or choir. Proceeding at an Andante tempo, the texture is made interesting with constant rhythmic motion, with many pyramid type effects. Strong ensemble skills required. Duration: approx 7 to 8 minutes.
NMC102 Trombone Sextet $18.00

Coleman Reflections
Set in a single Adagio movement and chorale-like throughout, with a middle section slightly more rhythmically active. Written for the Interlochen Arts Academy Trombone Choir. For 3 tenors and 2 basses, with an optional tenor clef part for trombone 1. Duration: approx. 4.5 to 5 minutes.
NMC101 Trombone Quintet $16.00

Donovan By the C, By the C, By the Beautiful C# NMC028 Brass Quintet $12.00

Donovan Conversations [alto sax & brass quintet] NMC070 Mixed Chamber, 6 Parts $15.00

Donovan Fair Weather Fan-Fare NMC027 Brass Quintet $12.00

Donovan Solo Recital Works for Nasty Auditions NMC047 Trumpet Unaccompanied $8.00

Downs Concerto (1974) [2 pianos, 4 percussion] NMC099 Bass Trombone & Percussion $45.00

Downs Divertimento [111.00] NMC074 Brass Trio $10.00

Downs More (or Less) Brief Diversion [tenor, 101.00, percussion] NMC100 Mixed Chamber, 4 Parts $35.00

Faure Lydia [211.00 or 220.00] NMC007 Brass Quartet $8.00

Faxon Fanfare in Memory of Virgil Fox [303.00 w/organ & tympani] NMC052 Brass Sextet $12.00

Gigout Grand Choeur Dialogue (Thurlow) [w/organ & tympani]
Originally composed for solo organ, this popular piece presents a conversation between two contrasting ranks of pipes, or "Choers," on the organ. This transcription effectively assigns the brass quintet one of the choers while the organ maintains the other. The overall effect is a well integrated conversation between the organ and the brass. Includes optional tympani & percussion (triangle & cymbal) parts.
NMC069 Brass Quintet $20.00

Harmon An American Hero-Tribute to Joe DiMaggio NMC087 Brass Quintet $18.00

Harmon Autumnal Winds NMC021 Trombone Quartet $16.00

Harmon Call of the River NMC044 Tuba & Piano $14.00

Harmon Caprice [111.00] NMC035 Brass Trio $8.50

Harmon Folk Song NMC012 Brass Quintet $12.00

Harmon Highlander, The NMC105 Euphonium & Piano $15.00

Harmon Mustang!
As the name implies, this is a high powered piece that really moves. For solo trumpet and 7-part ensemble. Soloist doubles on piccolo, Bb and flugelhorn. Upper four ensemble parts double on Bb and flugel. Bottom three parts are flugel exclusively.
NMC054 Trumpet Octet $30.00

Harmon Of Clowns and Dreams... NMC046 Trombone & Piano $12.00

Harmon Processionals (3) NMC043 Brass Quintet $16.00

Harmon Sacred Circle, The NMC058 Brass Quintet $12.00

Harmon Sacred Hills NMC066 Horn & Piano $15.00

Harmon Sacred Hills NMC106 Trombone & Piano $12.00

Harmon Sacred Hills NMC107 Bass Trombone & Piano $12.00

Harmon Seas of Sweet Water NMC022 Trombone & Piano $16.00

Harmon Secrets
Dedicated to Robert Levy. Written for Levy & Harmon as a vehicle to showcase both player's unique talents. Begins in a moderate three (quarter = 138), changing to a slow conversation between muted trumpet & piano, then accelerates back to the original tempo. the piece concludes with an improvised trumpet cadenza and flourish.
NMC037 Trumpet & Piano $12.00

Harmon Seven Arrows [000.42, 000.60 or 000.51] NMC024 Brass Sextet $25.00

Harmon Silhouette NMC036 Tuba & Piano $12.00

Harmon Silhouette - mechanical rights NMC036MR Tuba & Piano $9.10

Harmon Tomorrow River NMC025 Trombone & Piano $12.00

Hartley Inventions (3) [100.01]
Four movement contemporary work featuring free time sections, cadenzas and use of extended performance techniques. Grade 7 - Advanced level.
NMC061 Brass Duo $12.00

Hartley Memorial Music [tenor & bass trombone] NMC084 Trombone Duet $10.00

Hartley Quartet (1991) [202.00 or 211.00] NMC097 Brass Quartet $25.00

Hartley Quintet No 3 (1997) NMC078 Brass Quintet $18.00

Heinick Prelude, Song & Dance NMC018 Trombone Unaccompanied $6.00

Hoffman Jazz Portraits (6)
A tribute to six of the great trumpet masters of the 20th century. The use of electronics (such as digital reverb or delay) is encouraged at the discretion of the performer.
NMC103 Trumpet Unaccompanied $12.00

Hoffman Waterfall in a Cloud
Rooted in the jazz tradition, although no improvisation takes place. Each player performs a different role at any given point throughout the piece.
NMC062 Horn Quartet $11.00

Huggler Canzona NMC026 Trombone Quartet $10.00

Huggler Three Studies, op 58 (1962)
Also entitled Brass Quintet No 2. This is a contemporary sounding work for a standard brass quintet. Movement 1 is Allegro Molto; movement 2 is a highly rhythmic Meno Allegro where the eighth note is at mm=144. The final movement is an easier going quarter = 92. All three movements employ a great deal of mixed meter. Trumpets in Bb. Trombone employs tenor clef occassionally.
NMC017 Brass Quintet $12.00

Karg-Elert Praise the Lord with Drums & Cymbals (Faxon) [403.01 w/timpani & organ]
NMC096 Brass Choir & Percussion $25.00

Langer Christmas Bells for Brass
A clever medley of four popular "bell" themed Christmas tunes: Jingle Bells; I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day; Carol of the Bells; Ding Dong Merrily on High.
NMC064 Brass Quintet $12.00

Langer Many A Twinkling Glimmer
The "Twinkling Glimmer" melody is woven into a complex fabric of fugal material. Requires strong ensemble skills.
NMC073 Horn Quartet $10.00

Langer Rising Forth NMC067 Trombone Quartet $10.00

Langer Sea Songs (3) [000.04 or 000.22]
Setting of three traditional sea chanties. For four tubas or tuba-euphonium quartet.
NMC060 Tuba-euphonium Quartet $10.00

Langer Snapshots - Five Pictures Around Vermont NMC056 Brass Quintet $12.00

Langer Solemn Promise, A [000.04 or 000.22] NMC075 Tuba-euphonium Quartet $12.00

Langer Three for Christmas
An original medley of three popular Christmas carols: I Saw Three Ships; Past Three O'Clock; We Three Kings. To paraphrase the notes, "Three ships were seen sailing past three o'clock by three kings as they made their way to Bethlehem. The three ships sail on through many variations based on nautical hornpipe rhythms. After a short transition, the Three O'Clock theme is introduced and passed around the ensemble. Finally, the Three Kings tune comes in a slow 3/8 ramble, with the pace quickening to the end." Duration is approx 6:15.
NMC077 Brass Quintet $12.00

Levy Designs [101.00]
Four movement contemporary work featuring free time sections, cadenzas, and use of extended performance techniques. Grade 7 - Advanced.
NMC051 Brass Duo $15.00

Levy Gestures NMC031 Trumpet Unaccompanied $8.00

Macomber Cantilena (1999) NMC092 Brass Quintet $12.00

Maslanka Arise!
Premiered April 1987 in Denver, Colorado by the Aries Brass Quintet. A four-minute "wake-up" piece whose title is derived from the Aries Quintet. Very demanding for all players. Commissioned by the Aries Brass Quintet.
NMC059 Brass Quintet $20.00

Mayer Yankee Doodle Fanfare/Brass
Written for the bicentennial observance at Gramercy Park, New York City. A decidedly "un-corny" treatment of this popular patriotic tune. A short work, but quite a bit longer than the Fanfare title might suggest. Interesting to play and approachable to all audiences. Very similar (but not exact) to the work of the same title for woodwind quintet.
NMC045 Brass Quintet $15.00

Mayer Yankee Doodle Fanfare/Winds NMC104 Woodwind Quintet $16.00

Mozart Quintet for Horn & Strings, K.407 (Ross) [horn in Eb or F]
This edition features a piano reduction of the string parts to this popular chamber work. Solo horn parts provided in Eb or F.
NMC053 Horn & Piano $16.00

Reicha Allegro Scherzando, from op 82 (Nichols) NMC003 Trombone Trio $6.00

Reicha Fugue, op 82, No 18 (Nichols) NMC002 Trombone Trio $5.00

Reicha Trio, op 82, no 22 (Nichols) NMC004 Trombone Trio $5.00

Reicha Trios (3) from op 82 (Nichols) NMC005 Trombone Trio $5.00

Roebke sometime later... and after [trumpet, cello, bass] NMC071 Mixed Chamber, 3 Parts $10.00

Rosner Sonata in Bb NMC081 Trombone & Piano $20.00

Ross Aubade [C trumpet] NMC050 Trumpet & Piano $10.00

Ross Brass Quintet No 1 (1987) NMC082 Brass Quintet $25.00

Ross Canzona IV - Masque of Red Death [444.02 w/timpani & 2 perc] NMC094 Brass Choir & Percussion $40.00

Ross Canzonetta NMC038 Horn & Piano $10.00

Ross Canzonetta NMC041 Trombone & Piano $15.00

Ross Concertino in Silver & Bronze [flute, 444.22, timp, perc] NMC093 Brass Choir & Percussion $40.00

Ross Contrasts! [12 euphoniums] NMC095 Brass Choir $25.00

Ross Etudes a Deux NMC039 Trombone Duet $10.00

Ross Fanfare & Celebration NMC042 Brass Quintet $15.00

Ross Rondo Furioso NMC085 Trombone & Piano $10.00

Ross Shortened Suite (1996) [trumpet & bassoon] NMC079 Mixed Chamber, 2 Parts $16.00

Satie Suite from Gymnopedies 1, 2 & 3 (Welts) NMC019 Trombone Quartet $8.00

Schaphorst When the Moon Jumps [000.44] NMC090 Brass Octet $20.00

Schultz Brass Quintet [211.01 or 212.00] NMC013 Brass Quintet $12.00

Schultz Duo for Trumpet & Marimba NMC020 Trumpet & Marimba $25.00

Snow Muted Suggestions [C trumpet & marimba] NMC014 Trumpet & Marimba $20.00

Snow Muted Suggestions - Mechanical Rights [~ 7.75 minutes] NMC014MR Mechanical Rights $0.14

Stout Five Movements
Composed for and dedicated to Martin Hackleman, former hornist with the Canadian Brass Quintet.
NMC033 Horn Unaccompanied $15.00

Tcherepnin Fanfares (6) for Three Herald Trumpets
An original work written for the Harvard University Band. Can be performed on herald trumpets or traditional Bb or C instruments.
NMC080 Trumpet Trio $12.00

Thurlow Let's Waltz
A jazz waltz affording each player an opportunity to improvise over changes.
NMC063 Horn Quartet $15.00

Traditional Deep River (JJ Johnson) [horn, euphonium, tuba] NMC088 Brass Trio $8.00

Turok Concert Variations, op 51/3 [2 COPIES] NMC016 Trumpet & Marimba $12.00

Vosk For Openers... NMC057 Brass Quintet $12.00

Williams Kanawha Mosaics
Composed for the West Virginia Symphony horn section's performance at the 1995 IHS Workshop on Morgantown, West Virginia.
NMC086 Horn Quartet $20.00

Wilson Dad's Song NMC040 Trombone Trio $12.00

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